Want to Create a Great Christmas Lighting Display This Year?

David Henry

My goal is to help you create a great Christmas Lighting display, even if you're not a technical person.  I want to see the ability for the "average Joe" to get involved and realize that cool, musically-synchronized Christmas lighting is within reach.

First things first, grab my free guide below, that will walk you through the 3 basic things you need to know before you create your first DIY Christmas light display.

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Who is This Guy?

David Henry has been teaching lighting and working as a stage lighting professional for over 10 years.  

I finally made the "plunge" into Christmas lighting a few years ago and now seek to simplify and enable you to make an amazing display!

3 Things You NEED to Know Before Creating Your First Christmas Light Display:

Figuring out how to make your first display can be hard, especially when figuring out what you need to make it work.  Grab my guide to get a jump-start:

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