Why Should I Use Light-O-Rama to Control My Christmas Lights?

A lot of people, myself included, don’t love Light-O-Rama, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a valid way to control your Christmas lights.

I love to use pixels, and I think xLights is the best software for controlling them in a Christmas light display.

But still, I’ve found three reasons that may make using Light-O-Rama the best choice for your particular needs.

Reason 1: Traditional Christmas Lights

If you want to use primarily traditional Christmas lights, I’m not sure there’s an easier way to sequence your lights than Light-O-Rama.

There’s something to be said about this approach: While I love pixels and running really cool effects and video content across my lights, it would be a whole lot easier just to run traditional Style Christmas lights!

Reason 2: One-Stop Shopping

One of the great things about Light-O-Rama is that you can get everything you need from their store.

Not only do they sell the hardware and the software, but you can also get a wide variety of sequences for your conventional-style Christmas light show.

Reason 3: Support

While xLights and Vixen have community support (and it is often quite good), Light-O-Rama offers the options of both online support through their forums and help articles, and 1-to-1 calls.

The fact is, nobody else can match their ability to get on a phone call with you and sort out the issues you’re having. You’re not going to find a number to call when you have xLights issues that has a customer service agent on the other end.


While I truly believe that xLights or Vixen are much better choices than Light-O-Rama in a lot of ways, I know that each also has it’s target market that it covers well.

And if you feel like Light-O-Rama resonates the most with you and what you’re trying to do, then go for it!

About the author

David Henry

David first began using pixels in stage lighting, and then decided to try it out on his house. The result? An urge to create useful and helpful information to help non-technical folks create great Christmas lighting with pixels on their homes!


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