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How to Begin with xLights

By David Henry / March 23, 2019

In this series of videos I am excited to share with you how to get started with xLights. I’ll share with you the things I wish I had knew when I just got started. Introduction to xLights xLights is a free and open source program that enables you to design, create and play amazing lighting […]


Why Should I Use Vixen to Control My Christmas Lights?

By David Henry / March 18, 2019

Vixen is a great program for controlling Christmas lights which features the ability to set up your display, assign your controllers, and sequence effects to your lights. You should use Vixen for your first display if you don’t mind keeping things simple and want to keep options at a minimum. As I’ve said before (but […]


Why Should I Use xLights to Control My Christmas Lights?

By David Henry / March 13, 2019

If you go searching for software to run your Christmas light display with, you’re going to quickly find xLights as one of your main options. Among the sea of different software for your Christmas Light display, why should you choose xLights? And even if it is a great piece of software, is it the right […]


February Update – What Have I Done So Far This Year?

By David Henry / March 4, 2019

In 2018 I had started planning my Christmas lights pretty late in the year. I had started in September and my set up was very simple and it worked out really well. For this year my goal is to make this year’s lighting set up bigger and better. So, with that I am going to […]


What Power Supplies Do I Need for My Christmas Light Pixels?

By David Henry / February 18, 2019

One of the biggest challenges for people just beginning with smart pixel Christmas lights is power. Unlike traditional lights, which just plug into the wall and turn on, pixels need both data from the controller, and power via power supplies. While I’ve covered “the how” to get your pixels plugged into power here, it’s also […]


Why Should I Use Light-O-Rama to Control My Christmas Lights?

By David Henry / February 14, 2019

A lot of people, myself included, don’t love Light-O-Rama, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a valid way to control your Christmas lights. I love to use pixels, and I think xLights is the best software for controlling them in a Christmas light display. But still, I’ve found three reasons that may make using Light-O-Rama […]


How Do I Power Christmas Light Pixels? Power Injection 101

By David Henry / February 13, 2019

Christmas light pixels can be really fun, but one of the most intimidating aspects of using them is power. While “regular” Christmas lights run a full, high voltage from your standard wall outlets, pixels are a low-voltage product. They don’t use a lot of power, but they are picky about the characteristics of that power.  […]


What are Christmas Light Pixels?

By David Henry / December 27, 2018

When it comes to creating great Christmas lighting, nothing beats the pixel. When you go by someone’s house and see color changing and blinking “bulbs” that each change color, you’re seeing pixels. Or you see a smooth, wave of color slide across a home – you’re seeing pixels! Pixels are individually color-changeable lights which are […]

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